898 My First Tell Tale Games Experience

We all remember our first.

You boot up the game. You’ve heard things about it, mumbles and murmurs, of what it’s like to play.

They say it isn’t really a game.

They say…

They say.

Let’s clear the air now; it’s a game. How can’t it be?

Whether or not we individually consider this a game is completely dependent on our personal definitions of what a game is. But as far as the definition goes, it is one. It can be won or lost (in the same way that any modern game can be, and then restarted when lost), and has a goal.

So, let’s all quit squabbling about what is or isn’t a game, and just agree to seek out meaningful, fun, and affective experiences.

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June 17, 2017

#game-opinion, #narrative-game

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