On the first day of 2015, I began an epic quest to design and share one idea each day. The ideas are focused around interactivity and games, but also branch out into UI/UX design, opinion pieces, and product design.

My goal is to do at least 1000. Lofty, I know!

All the posts I’ve done so far can be found over in the Daily Game Designs archive section of this site. Below are the posts that I’ve marked as my favorites:

013 Going Up

047 Underground Stacks

066 What’s In An Addiction

114 Hay

151 Paperboy 2065

174 Confessions Of An Internet Password Box

185 Underground Shopping UI

215 Dicey

277 Thinking Games And Dying Games

280 Blind Cards

290 Digital Games Treatise

300 No Such Thing As Ghosts

315 Terra-moji

359 Spaced Blocks

382 Third Person Blurring

388 NomNomGalaxy Makes Soup Into Business

399 emojiRace

436 Defined

467 Julia

500 The Big Five Oh Oh

528 Imbalanced Information, Vol. 1

540 Imbalanced Information, Vol. 2

548 The Simplicity Complexity Scale, Vol. 1

569 What’s The Point?

577 The Simplicity Complexity Scale, Vol. 2

596 ReChess

612 Organic Language Learning

651 Double-Paddle Double-Ball Ping Pong

684 The Importance Of Contextual Design

715 Poorly Written Passwords

748 Directional Audio In Cooperative Gaming

755 Defining Video Game Map Types

770 The Cartographer

773 Memory Lock

788 Typing Adventure

798 Depleted Update 0001

801 Conceptual Game Design, Part I

845 Conceptual Game Design, Part II

885 The Apartment

891 Scrybble

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