Sandcastle is the culmination of all things creative between myself and long-time collaborator, Kevin McGillivray. The majority of my daily energy (as well as Kevin’s) goes toward the projects, clients, and passions surrounding Sandcastle. We are fueled by curiosity, and push each other to grow and make a meaningful impact with each venture. From our website:

Sandcastle is a web and game development studio by Kevin McGillivray and Foster Douglas. We care about creativity, mindfulness, and education.

Sandcastle is a new name for a creative collaboration that started over a decade ago between Foster and Kevin. Our mission is to apply and develop our creative skills through unique, meaningful projects, help other people use and develop their creative skills, never stop learning and exploring, and make the world a little more beautiful, mindful, and interesting.

Right now, we’re focused on helping independent creative people share their work, building bite-sized games, and brewing as much tea and coffee as we can get our hands on.

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