The SURF program (Support for Undergraduate Research Fellows) at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee allowed me the opportunity to work closely with an accomplished and currently artistically active professor. Activities varied from studio production time, installation setup, consultations, and general preperation. Although I worked on a large assortment of things, I had the most significant impact on the following projects:

13 Views of a Journey

Large-scale translucent prints are mounted to plexiglass with rear projected video through them, creating moving images on paper. Their 12 animated vignettes are continuously played in random order behind fibrous and inky paper prints, making a dynamic and room-sized book art project.

I was involved with this project from conception through production and presentation. During conception I did the layout which would eventually form the piece’s unique presentation. I then did a significant portion of the production of the digital vignettes seen in the piece.

More info on 13 Views of a Journey.


Falling Still

Falling Still utilizes 200 cement-cast feathers as individual pixels to create a larger image across 6 planes. Each of these sculptures has been hand-poured into molds of actual feathers, exhibiting finely detailed quills on one side, and flat concrete surfaces on the other. They hang from the ceiling via discrete fishing lines, swinging, twisting and turning as viewers move around the 8 x 15 x 4 foot installation area. From all perspectives but one, the work floats between 1-dimensional lines, 2-dimensional planes and 3-dimensional pixels. View it exactly perpendicular to its planes, and all the work’s elements cohere into a bit-mapped image of a body, leaping through the air.

During this project, I did the initial design of the entire layout of where the feathers would eventually hang, using Google’s SketchUp. I then participated in revisions, documentation, and eventually the installation of the piece.

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Given Time

Given Time simultaneously activates and performs two permanently logged-in Second Life avatars, each forever and only seen by and through the other. They hover in mid-air, almost completely still, gazing into one another’s interface. Viewers encounter this networked partnership as a diptych of large-scale and facing video projections in a real world gallery, both exhibiting a live view of one avatar, as perceived by the other.

Although Given Time was produced before my time with Dr. Stern, it was exhibited later in a gallery in London which I was invited to assist with. I was on location during the setup to install the piece, as well as other related pieces in the exhibition. Long-time collaborator Kevin McGillivray also assisted.

I also produced a video for the London exhibition, which was used during the 2011 Transmediale presentation about Wikipedia Art. Additional video and images of the London exhbition can be seen here.

More info on Given Time.


Strange Vegetation

Strange Vegetation is an interconnected and synthetic organism of over a dozen breathing, latex sculptures, in the shape of improbably large onion stalks. It is a site-conditioned installation incorporated with the repeated pattern of exotic greenery and floral iron work on the walls around it.

Although I was involved in various minor parts of the production of Strange Vegetation, I primarily focused on the video documentation of it afer it was installed.

More info on Strange Vegetation.