Below are samples of my design through Sandcastle and independent projects. Each example features time-lapse video to illustrate the discovery and implementation process. All websites were built, coded, and design-supported by Kevin McGillivray.

Kat Boogaard

Our design for Kat Boogaard’s freelance writing website was focused on creating a bright and exciting user experience. During the design process, the layout and interactions came together quickly, while the fonts and colors took various stages of iteration. After the website was built, Kat commissioned us to update her logo and general branding, as well.

UntitledTown Book & Author Festival

Kevin and I donated our time and services to support a first-year literary event happening in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Festival attracted world-renowned authors, including Margaret Atwood, as well as thousands of attendees to the Downtown community. We worked closely with the board members of the event to define and refine an entire visual style of the 3-day event, and then applied that visual design to a custom from-scratch website.

Foster Douglas Personal Website

My personal website has gone through a ridiculous number of visual iterations, finally recently landing comfortably on its current look. This project is a good example of how immensely I’ve grown as a designer, and how important it is to sometimes revisit and update your past designs.

Tempest Coffee Collective

~ Website currently being built, video coming soon ~