006 Word Grid

There’s a grid of letters on the screen, maybe similar to a Word Find grid of random letters. However, instead of finding the words in an already static grid of letters, you can swipe rows and columns of letters to dynamically change the board. Kind of like a giant 2D rubix cube. The goal would be to make as many high-point words as possible, while avoiding disturbing previous words you’ve already constructed. The letters might use the same value system as Scrabble letters do. Actually, the game might use the exact tile set of Scrabble. So, the 100 tiles that are included in a bag of letters in the game of Scrabble, these would be the exact tiles used in the game, shuffled out randomly each time the game starts. Maybe, to encourage faster play and to discourage endless re-working of the board, certain rows, columns, or rings of letters would become locked in place after a certain amount of time passes. Or, the player could choose when column or rows or letters get locked, with bonuses to gameplay the quicker they lock them down.

January 6, 2015

#touch-controlled, #word-game