008 Badsketball

This is a modification on the classic game of basketball.

The ball is slightly smaller than a standard basketball, maybe about 25% smaller. It’s about 20% heavier though, and contains a thin magnetic layer lining on the inside, which will be explained.

In Badsketball, you don’t dribble the ball. The ball is only ever held in one hand, either palmed, or otherwise balanced. Traveling with the ball is only possible while holding onto another teammate’s hand.

The court is identically sized to the standard court, however the hoop is much different. The hoop ring is perpendicular to the ground, instead of parallel. It is similar to where the backboard is in standard Basketball, but with a Badsketball shaped hole in the center. Attached to the back of the hole is a chute that curves downward in a C shape. When a Badsket is made, the ball follows the track of this curve, propelled with assistance by magnets, and launches out of end and into the center of the court, where it may be retrieved by either team.

There would be additional rule adjustments in regards to how passing, shooting, and scoring would work.

January 8, 2015

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