010 The Earth is a Puzzle

A physical puzzle of the planet Earth. The globe is split up on 20 latitude and 20 longitude lines, and each of these sections is moveable, similar to a rubix cube. The puzzle is a total of 400 identical squares which are interlocking, each able to move either horizontally or vertically.

The visual design of the Earth is consistent with many standard globes, and has raised topographic features, as well as coloring, but no names or wording of any sort.

The size of the puzzle is about 18” in diameter, making it handheld but not small.

Due to the nature and size of the puzzle, the globe comes packaged already randomly set. It’s designed to completed only once, although the owner could certainly re-mix the puzzle afterward and solve it again.

January 10, 2015

#physical-game, #puzzle-game