011 The Streets Are Alive With The Sound Of Car Alarms

In this game, your goal is to wake up all the stupid sleeping people in your neighbourhood at 4am because that’s the best time to ride a motorcycle through the suburban streets of San Francisco…

But really. In this top down driving game, you have to make enough noise with your motorcycle to set off the car alarms, but not so much noise that you attract the police or break the windows of houses on the street.

Click and hold your left mouse to accelerate, and right mouse to break suddenly, hold neither to coast. Move the mouse to the left and the right adjusts the position of the bike on the road. Getting closer to cars and houses while accelerating (making noise) causes them to trigger more easily.

Also, you have to stop for fuel every 5 minutes, because your stupid motorcycle is a gas-guzzling hunk of metal.

January 11, 2015

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