019 Tug

Using a long piece of string, two people face back to back and tie the string around one of the five fingers on their respective left hands. One of the players thinks of a number between one and nine, and tugs that many times on the string. Both players, starting at either their pinky or thumb, count off in their head that number on each finger of their hand. Then the players tug on the string if the finger they’ve landed on is the string finger.

Players alternate thinking of numbers, and following the same process, however now each turn before tugging if you’ve landed on the finger (but after counting off fingers), both players have the opportunity to say “Tug!” In which case that person guesses which finger the other persons end of the string is tied around. If they guess right they win, but guessing wrong means they automatically lose.

January 19, 2015

#classic-game, #physical-game