025 4-Up

This single-player game splits the screen into 4 rectangles, similar to the look of a 4-player local co-op game. All four games are controlled simultaneously, although each of these rectangles are its own distinct game:

  1. A basic Mario / Mega-Man / Castlevania style side scrolling adventure.

  2. A basic top-down shooter, like Galaga.

  3. A basic racing game, similar to Rad Racer for the NES.

  4. A basic Tetris-like puzzle game

All four of these are running simultaneously, and the control scheme is different for each. For example, if you press right on the directional pad, the side scrolling adventure would move forward, the top down shooter would shift to the right, the racing game would veer right, and the Tetris piece of adjust right.


January 25, 2015

#adventure-game, #driving-game, #puzzle-game, #shooter-game, #experimental-game