027 91cm

In this adventure/puzzle game, your perspective of the world is shifted precisely 91 centimeters the the left of your body.

That is, your body is invisible, and your perspective of yourself is 91cm away from your physical body.

If the game were in 3rd person (a third person view of a person who has a 3rd person view of themselves… inception view), it might look similar in layout to something like Bastion, but slightly more zoomed in. This would make the game a bit more of an action/puzzle game, and it would use this strange perspective shift as the main puzzle-causing/solving mechanic.

If the game were in 1st person view, it’d be much more like the exploratory narrative hit Gone Home in some ways. Essentially, the player’s perspective would allow them to walk through objects and walls and the like, but they would have to be aware of where their invisible 91cm distant body was at all time, and what it was interacting with in the world. This sounds both much more interesting than the 3rd person option, but also potentially more frustrating, depending on the game design.


January 27, 2015

#adventure-game, #puzzle-game