030 Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Needs Loot Badly

The Patherfinder Adventure Card Game is one of the coolest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Essentially, it’s a co-op dungeon-crawling RPG, but using cards and dice. My update to this game would be to adapt a monetary system into the game’s core play. If you haven’t played this game before, most of the following might not make a ton of sense.

I immediately realized the problem with this game; there isn’t nearly enough loot. The excitement when picking out a new item from the box is MUCH too high, because it just doesn’t happen enough. It feels like it was designed this way on purpose, and balanced this way. But I think something can be done about it.

If a money or gold system were introduced into the game, I think it’d allow for more freedom and fun in regards to gaining new items. Each of the cards should have a monetary value— only the Items, Armor, and Weapons though, things that would be “sellable.” Their values would be listed small in the lower corner of the card. Just a symbol, and a number. Like… ◊40

Each Adventure in the game would contain a certain amount of Store cards. These would be encountered after certain scenarios were completed. At the store, there would be, for sale, items that are equal to that of the current Adventure number. So if you’re playing Adventure 3, then all the items for sale at stores during these scenarios would be level 3. They wouldn’t be any lower quality or basic items for sale, only rarer cards.

The player would essentially decide which cards from their hand to sell. They add up the total ◊ that those cards equal, and then have that much to spend on new items in the shop. Any excess ◊ at the end of the store encounter can be spent on low-cost one-time-use potions, otherwise is sacrificed. All cards sold while in the shop are banished to the box.

January 30, 2015

#card-game, #game-modification