049 Blind Poker

A poker variant where you use eye contact to form alliances (or create enemies).

Most standard poker rules apply, except the game is played with all cards flipped backward. Players hold their hand out in front of them, except reversed, revealing all cards to all other players. Each player can not look at their own cards.

The game works on the notion that the player know what everybody else’s has in their hand, that the people with those hands don’t know what they have, and that you know that other people also know other peoples’ hands. Verbal communication regarding which cards who has isn’t allowed. The first person to say “Blind” declares that they believe they are the winner, and looks at their hand. If their hand beats all others, they win, otherwise they are eliminated.

(This game could use a second iteration. Maybe without the pretense of Poker, and more focused on trading cards between players.)

February 18, 2015

#card-game, #game-modification