051 More Changes To Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules or character abilities:

  • When rolling to acquire a boon, if the die roll meets or exceeds double the check to acquire number, the player may draw a random card of that same type from the box and place it into her discard pile. The player may instead bury the original boon to place the bonus card into her hand.

  • For any scenario which takes place on land, the group may decide to build one location in addition to the required number of locations for the player count. The location uses the General Store card; the card acts as if it were a location only in the sense that players may travel to it and explore it. All other interactions and rules do not apply.

  • Once per scenario, bury your entire hand to reroll any dice roll that contains three or more one’s.

  • Discard a card to add 3 to all d4 and d6 die rolls, and subtract 3 from all d8 and d10 rolls.

February 20, 2015

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