052 Side By Side

In this spin on the classic memory game, on a 5x5 grid, each tile has multiple different colors along its edges. The goal is to swap tiles around until every tile shares all of its edges with matching colored neighbour tile edges.

The board starts with all 25 cards face down. Tap on a card to reveal it. Tap on a second card to reveal it. If you’d like to swap the two cards’ positions, tap on the original card revealed. If you’d like to leave them both where they are, tap on the second card revealed. If you choose to leave them where they are, the second card that was revealed is rotated 180 degrees before being concealed again.

You have unlimited turns to complete the puzzle, although some boards may have a challenge to complete within a set amount of turns.


February 21, 2015

#digital-game, #puzzle-game, #touch-controlled-game