057 Ten Speed

Using a standard Magic: The Gathering deck, battle a friend quickly in this speedy variation on the traditional game that eliminates the hand of cards.

Each player shuffles their deck, a coin flip decides who goes first, and each player starts with 10 life points. The shuffled deck is held in one hand, and each turn a single card is flipped over from the top of the deck. If it’s a land, place it to your left; that is your active land pile. If it’s a non-land, place it to your right; that is your at-bat card. Then, the next player goes. Continue this, add cumulative lands to the left pile, and covering each non-land when it’s drawn. When you have enough land in your pile, you may expend it and summon the current top card in your non-land pile. Place it out in front of your two piles, on the battlefield. Land spent to summon cards get permanently used, and is placed face down in a third pile. On this turn, you may also summon any number of successive cards that lay on the top of your non-land pile, as you have enough land remaining to summon them.

All standard Magic: The Gathering rules apply to the cards once they are summoned out onto the battlefield. Players do a standard Magic: The Gathering turn after their Ten Speed card draw and summoning phase. If either player runs out of cards to draw at any time, they collect all cards that aren’t on the battlefield and shuffle them, creating their new deck to continue with. The first player reduced to 0 life points loses.

This game has less strategy and more luck involved than a standard, full length game of Magic: The Gathering.

February 26, 2015

#card-game, #game-modification