061 Chalk Circles

Each person is given a different colored piece of chalk, and draws a circle around themselves at the start of the game. Once the game starts, you must place your chalk down on the ground somewhere around you, outside of your circle. The goal is to collect as many of the other players’ chalk pieces as possible, while staying inside your or another player’s circle. When a piece of chalk is collected, you may also place it somewhere outside of your own circle (or return to your circle if you aren’t there), however it is still vulnerable like your first piece of chalk was.

Players will reach, contort, and otherwise stretch themselves in weird ways to reach other players’ chalk while keeping some part of them still inside a circle. You are allowed to invade other player’s circles, but you must share the space! You can not physically force someone out of a circle.

The strategy here is that you can’t draw your initial circle too close to other players or your chalk will be an immediate target, but you also can’t draw yourself too far away from everybody, or you’ll never have a chance to win. While collecting chalk pieces, the player must also strategize where they store them, to keep them safe but also not storing too many near each other to keep their investments safe.

March 2, 2015

#childrens-game, #physical-game