062 eyesontheback ofyourhead

A first person narrative where you play a baby riding in a father’s baby backpack, facing backward.

The baby can only be controlled in very basic ways, and many of the controls are obscured. The baby can make noise, move its head, and wave around one of its arms. However, many of these functions will work in unexpected ways during control of the baby, since it has only basically evolved motor controls.

The game is a short, 20 minute experience, with limited direct interaction on the outside world. However, many of the baby’s actions can cause it to draw various types of attention to it, affecting the world’s interaction in a more secondary way.

The game invents the term Indirect Affect; which means the players ability to observe, and through limited local interactions, affect how the world interacts with itself and with the player, without ever actually interacting with the world directly.

March 3, 2015

#experimental-game, #narrative-game