068 Demolition Construction

The game starts with a physical object built between the players out of the skyscraper blocks given, in the style similar to Jenga. Each of the pieces, however, are sections of a skyscraper (instead of nondescript wooden pieces). As each player takes a single piece out of the center skyscraper on their turn, they use that piece to begin building their own city building.

The pieces types can only be identified from certain angles, so the player must carefully decide which piece to pull out on their turn, if they can identify any even, and which will benefit their own building the most. Each piece is themed in a different way, and gains them certain points depending on how and where they use it on their own building. Pieces have different point values showing in different spots on them, and points will only be counted if their value can be visually seen within the final building. The player that eventually knocks over the tower gets a minor point reduction. The game continues, with players choosing a single piece from the rubble on each turn. The game is over when all pieces are used, and the players count up their visible points.

March 9, 2015

#competitive-game, #physical-game, #puzzle-game