073 PacPac

In this mobile/social real world PacMan game, players play either as Ghosts or as Pacs.

The Ghosts walk around the city either in Hidden mode, where they are invisible and drop pellets that distract and hinder the Pacs, or in Chase mode, where they show up as Ghosts and must actively run from the Pacs. Pacs have only one goal, to eat the Ghosts. Pacs must first eat a fruit, and then the local area goes into Hunt mode for 20 minutes, giving the Pacs plenty of time to chase down the Ghosts, while gobbling up pellets to gain extra points. The Pacs gain massive points when they eat Ghosts, and the Ghosts gain massive points when they survive a Hunt.

March 14, 2015

#co-op-game, #competitive-game, #experimental-game, #social-game