080 Steel (A Space Game)

Roller derby but with skateboards + hockey + baseball, in space!

Three metal troff tracks line the perimeter of an offset oval shaped playing field. Using magnets, each player has a board that can be pedaled, the board is then rode around the track. Each track has two lanes, for a total of 6 useable lanes. The inner lane on each track is traditionally used for clockwise travel, and the outer lane used for counterclockwise travel, however they aren’t restricted to this.

The game’s ball is grapefruit sized, weighs 8kg, and is called a Steel (and is made primarily out of steel, with a durable rubber outer coating). The goal of the game is to get all of your team’s Steel through the Protector and into the Hex. Each team starts with 9 Steel, which are spread out evenly around the outer rim on Platforms attached to the track. Each Platform contains one Steel of each team’s color, for a total of 16 Steel. However, only one of each color may be active at a given time.

Each team has 6 players and a protector, totaling 14 people in play at a time. Player positions include “Perimeter,” “Solid,” and “Active.” These positions primarily follow particular strategies, including which tracks to stick to and how to handle the Steel.

(More info to come soon.)


March 21, 2015

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