089 For The Aces

A card game where each of the cards in the deck has characterization and a personality. All of the red cards (Hearts and Diamonds) are female, and all of the black ones (Clubs and Spades) are male. Additionally, each number would contain a specific common trait, as well as each face type. Each number also corresponds to the number of acquaintances that card is allowed to know.

For example, the Eight of Spades would be a male personality who could sit with up to 8 other cards; the King of Hearts would be a female personality (despite the “king” moniker!), but could have only 1 other acquaintance.

Acquaintances are used to create groups of cards, and form the basis of the strategy of the game.

(Based on the characters from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Type-0)

March 30, 2015