091 Driving With Consequences

This car game takes the extreme precision of a driving sim, mixes in the breadth of Grand Theft Auto’s worlds, adds a dash of the extreme visual detail found in Gran Truism, and coats it all with a helping of patience and curiosity from The Sims.

Driving around in this world has consequences, much like in real life. If you forget to turn on your blinker, speed around wildly, or simply swerve a little, you’re bound to get some strange looks, the finger, a honk or two, and a lot of general distrust from the drivers around you.

You’re stuck with one car until you can afford another one, and your reputation is attached to your car (the thing others remember most about you).

And just like in real life, driving extremely carefully and considerately comes with almost no positive rewards whatsoever.

April 1, 2015

#driving-game, #experimental-game