095 Big Hero 6 Could Be A Game

A 5-player local or online co-op action game, using Big Hero 6 as a theme.

I immediately realized while watching the movie Big Hero 6 that it’s characters and setting are perfectly suited for a Gauntlet-style co-op game. Each of the 5 main characters in the movie and vastly different personalities, special “abilities,” and narrative roles.

All 5 characters are present for the game the whole time, and it can be played from 1 to 5 players, with the unfilled slots being played by the computer. If all 5 roles aren’t taken by players, then any of the other players can swap characters in real time.

The characters have a simple but fun equipment system, and basic skills that can be upgraded (maybe similar to the basic skill trees in X-COM: Enemy Unknown).

Baymax would not be a playable character, but might be a team summon skill, or make a special appearance in some other way.

The game would also feature light amounts of puzzle solving, similar to the LEGO games or the recent downloadable Lara Croft games.

Since the movie’s narrative took place within a fairly short time period, the game would have to be a sequel. It may feature the professor’s daughter from the movie as an antagonist. (SPOILERS!)

April 5, 2015

#action-game, #co-op-game