1004 Top 10 Games Of 2018

Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)

This masterpiece did so many things well, and had a few legitimate and unexpected plot turns toward the end.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Switch)

The first game I’ve played on my Switch, and a very fun and innovative take on the XCOM formula.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)

A very worth followup to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and I found myself grateful for the short and concise experience it offered.

Cuphead (XBox One)

I played this cooperatively, as it’s likely there was no way I’d beat it alone. It was frustrating at times, but overall a fun and rewarding experience.

Dead Cells (PS4)

The “can’t put it down” pick of the year, this game’s loop was incredibly engrossing and addicting.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PS4)

A charming indie RPG with some unique battle mechanics and an interesting world exploration setup.

God of War III (PS4)

To finish up of the trilogy (plus the two PSP games), mostly in preparation for playing the reboot of this franchise. These types of games (combo-based hack and slashers, like Devil May Cry) aren’t generally in my wheelhouse, but this specific series has always transcended the genre for me, and God of War III is the pinnacle of the series from a gameplay perspective (not including the reboot).

Undertale (PS4)

Like many, I loved this game, and also had a bizarre experience with it. I didn’t know, like many, that I could play the game in a certain way, and was disappointed to find that out much later in the game. And, unfortunately, I don’t think I’d revisit and play the game again, at least not for quite a while. That said, it was still a very notable and memorable experience.

Metal Gear Solid (Vita)

Strangely, after many years of having this game “in progress,” and sometimes occasionally coming back to it for an hour or two (very unlike me), I finally found the time and effort to finish this game. It holds up nicely in some ways, but the gameplay chugs in some spots (from a modern perspective, of course). I’m excited to have completed it so I can dive into the series further and see how it evolves.

Overcooked 2 (PS4)

Everything about the second installment of this series is better than the first. I played it all local co-op, and it continues to release DLC periodically that I’ve also been experiencing.

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December 31, 2018