109 Open World Game Events

In open world games, feature one-time-only entertainment events as activities for the player to attend.

This is slightly Second Life-ish, but I’m interested in creating a more dynamic and exciting environment in open world games. Grand Theft Auto 4 paved a lot of new ground by allowing you to go inside of a different building in the city and play mini games (like gambling, seeing strip shows, etc). But I want those events to be more dynamic, like they are in real life.

For example, there could be a concert venue somewhere in town, and each weekend night it features a band playing. Spend your in-game currency to buy tickets, and you can go watch the performance. It’s a full performance by a well-known band, and the player won’t be able to see that show again any other time in the game. The show won’t wait for them. If they’re late, you miss part of it. If they try to jump on stage or get too drunk and rowdy, they’ll get kicked out. Similar dynamism could be added to theatre shows, sports events, and other activities.

April 19, 2015