110 Puzzle Battle

A competitive game where puzzle pieces are picked and used to complete (or block) various patterns, shapes, and lines created.

Players are given a set amount of puzzle pieces randomly to begin. Players cannot see each other’s pieces. They can be different colored, have words on them, be reversible, have patterns, or even have special properties when placed next to similar or dissimilar pieces. Players take turns strategically placing these on the board where they fit. The pieces can grant the player different abilities that help them defeat the other player, such as concealing areas of the board in shadow, freezing certain spaces so they can’t be used by your opponent, or just brutally destroying puzzle pieces already placed on the board.

Levels can be different sized and shaped, and as the player progresses they will begin to collect rare and useful puzzle pieces that can be added to their bag and picked at random in later games.

(Inspiration: Classic puzzle piece boards meets Scrabble meets PuzzleQuest meets Hearthstone.)


April 20, 2015

#puzzle-game, #competitive-game