127 JRPGs Have Too Many Unused Playable Characters

In this JRPG, instead of gaining near-limitless levels of power and experience, the party continues to grow in size. This battle mechanic, however, allows for you to use all of your members at once, eliminating the issue of “forgetting” or “ignoring” certain characters while favoring others.

Instead of having a core group of game characters that continue to get endlessly more powerful (as the baddies in the game conveniently get stronger too), this game is focused on the team work of all your characters. The battle system supports up to the total number of playable characters gained throughout the game. As you gain experience with these characters, they grow slowly and more realistically. However, teamwork and camaraderie is where the growth is seen. Similar to a system in Fire Emblem, as characters work together with other specific characters, they begin to form bonds, and through these bonds gain different abilities and buffs. Also much like the Tech system in Chrono Trigger, except with more than just 3 characters at once.

May 7, 2015

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