130 Digital Games Bookshelf

A touch-LED display that’s dedicated to showing off your digital games collection.

This display is synchronized with all of your game accounts: PSN, XBL, WiiU, Steam, and so on. Using a variety of viewing options, enjoy an interactive experience that shows off your extensive library of digital games. Swipe through a classic side-of-the-box view, a basic list, a “cover flow” of game box art, and more. Also show off your trophies, gamerscore, and achievements in an exciting and fun way. Select any individual game to see a detailed description of that game, containing info such as: developer, publisher, year of release, platforms, other versions, series or sequels, available trophies/achievements, average length of play, trending popularity, and more. Finally you can enjoy your library of digital games and show them off to your friends and family any time.

May 10, 2015