139 This Architecture Life

Play as an aspiring architect in this classic sim game with an online twist.

Begin as a student and move up through the ranks of intern, assistant, designer, project manager, and principal. Each positions sees you in charge of different aspects of the overall structural architecture process.

The game begins in a schooling environment, where players learn the basics, as well as begin designing and assisting. Once graduated, you’re placed into the pool of available architect interns.

Each time a more senior level player moves up in position, they’re in charge of choosing and hiring to fill their old position with a new online player. The first position (intern) is filled from the large pool of available students. From there, each position is filled from the pool of capable and qualified players at other architecture firms.

(Architect position definitions: http://www.aianova.org/pdf/BP_Arch_Positions.pdf)

May 19, 2015

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