142 Asymmetrical Baseball

This is a concept of an alteration of the classic game of baseball.

On a standard baseball diamond, every base is equidistant from its previous and next base, 90 feet apart. It might be interesting if the most important run (the one from 3rd base to home plate, where a point is scored), is a longer distance than the other 3 base distances. Below I’ve mocked up what this might look like.

Obviously, there are numerous complications and adjustments that would have to be made to the game’s rules to make something like this work. However, the main point is that it could be interesting to have a situation where the scoring run’s distance is nearly double that of the other base’s running distance. The strategy of the game would shift completely, and it might even heighten the excitement of the game at crucial moments.


May 22, 2015

#game-modification, #sports-game