152 The Experts (Card Game)

Play as one of the six Experts in this unique card adaptation of the popular cooperative video game!

The game starts with a group of 2 to 6 players deciding on a specific scenario for The Experts to tackle. These are typically uncommon and funny situations that need resolution through the unlikely expertise of our heroes.

Each character has a stack of 10 cards that are specific to them. These are their Expertise cards. When these are depleted, the character is disabled, and becomes much less useful. Each of the Expertise cards has a host of information on them, including multiple different perks, stats, abilities, drawbacks, and so on.

Each turn a character pulls a Focus card. These are essentially blank playing cards, that have windows cut out of them in specific spots. The Focus cards are used by laying them directly on top of your Expertise card, revealing what it is you card is capable of doing that turn. Depending on the final amount of information on an Expertise card, there will a total number of Focus cards to accommodate many of the possible combinations of windows cut out. For example, if all Expertise cards have 8 pieces of potential data on them, and all Focus cards would have 3 windows on them, then there would be 336 total different Focus card layouts for the windows (thats 876 = 336). However, it might be that the 8 pieces of data aren’t all identical types of data (for example there might be one category of data that will have one window in a total of 4 possible places, another category that will have one window in a total of 2 possible places, and another of the same, for a total of 8 possible spots for windows). In this case, we’d take the total number of each (422 = 16), and there would only be 16 different layouts of cards. This is completely dependent on how the game would be designed, but I think it’s interesting to think about because it might be fun and unique to be able to have a complete set of a few hundred cards that are all completely different. It’s kind of like rolling a 336 sided dice.

The game would use these Expertise and Focus cards in conjunction, as well as cooperation between the players, to defeat a scenario. Players can decide to discard an Expertise card during their turn to pull a new one that might suit the needs of the turn better, however once that expertise card is discarded, it’s gone for good. Each player only has 10.

(Continuing work on this concept…)

June 1, 2015