154 Including Others In Your Single Player Game

There must be a way to include somebody in a game playing experience without them being a second player. If I’m playing a game, and there is someone else in the room who wants to engage with me, it’s not always possible to include them in the game. What if a game had a companion phone app that the other player could play around on, that has a direct impact on the game the first player is playing. The second player could learn more about the world, help sway things, give advice, or interact in some way that is not insignificant. As well as in some way that the first player wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, without the help of the second person. Maybe if it were a stealth or assassin-type game, there would be certain pathways or nodes or upgrades that the second player could reveal in the world somehow, that wouldn’t have otherwise been available.

June 3, 2015

#co-op-game, #social-game