157 Mobile Game Tutorials Suck

Why is it that any free-to-play mobile game has the most moronic and frustrating tutorial slapped on at the beginning.

Tutorials are the way your player understands how to interact with your game. Unless it’s a deliberate choice to force the player to figure out how to play the game on their own, it needs to be a primary focus of the developers time. Teaching your players how to play your game is crucial to keeping them playing your game.

Don’t use dumbed down “fake” levels to teach the player how to play. Give them a real level (an easier one, of course!), and show them how to play while they are already playing. Your player is smart, so treat her like she is. But, she has also never played your game, so try best to see it from her point of view and create a tutorial or introduction that best represents your game while respecting your players.

June 6, 2015

#free-to-play-game, #game-opinion