166 Open World Cooperative Play

I was inspired by many parts of the first annual Bethesda showcase this evening. The most impressive thing, and probably the consensus highlight, was Fallout 4. My first thought afterward was regarding multiplayer, specifically cooperative multiplayer. There has yet to be a game of this scale that includes some sort of cooperative play.

Although a large potion of the appeal and tension that comes from the fallout series is that you’re alone, I think they could try to incorporate it somehow. What if the story was entirely based on it, and two players started on opposite or undetermined ends of the wasteland, and the story was focused on the players ultimately finding each other. Certain aspects of the game would allow the players to communicate and interact with each other, but it would basically feel like playing a single player game alongside your friend playing the same single player game.

This might be terribly not fun, it’s hard to know without testing it in some way.

June 15, 2015

#game-mechanic/system, #game-opinion