170 Remote

A non-local cooperative game experience with two players stranded at different ends of a forest, with only walkie talkies to communicate.

The game takes place over the course of a single day through dusk. The experience would aim to be realistic, forcing the player to do things like search the channels on their walkie talkie to find the other player, conserve battery, keep track of where they are using a paper map and compass, and consult a forest survival guide to identify plants and animals. The other player’s voice would come through the speaker on the PS4’s controller, and might sometimes be distorted or get cut out, depending on the geology and locations of the players.

The game’s tone wouldn’t be that of horror in any way, but it would have a slight tone of desperation, as well as comedy and intrigue.

(Inspired vaguely by the highly anticipated Firewatch and post #166)

June 19, 2015

#adventure-game, #co-op-game, #survival-game