172 Treasure Trove

A two player cooperative treasure hunting game with one person at home on the console giving directions while the other person is on a mobile device receiving direction.

The goal is to find a virtual treasure trove that’s hidden in your city. The player’s enter their city, and get a briefing of all available information on the trove. The adventurer must find pieces of the map, encounter dangerous situations, navigate treacherous terrain, and solve puzzles. The navigator must help the adventurer do all of these things, by communicating constantly, decoding information provided to them, creating maps, and solving puzzles.

Both players must work closely together to find the trove. The navigator has tools on her console such as maps and fragments, cryptic puzzles, and GPS data. The adventurer has tools like a compass, augmented reality glasses, noise and heat sensors, and of course the help of the navigator.

June 21, 2015

#co-op-game, #experimental-game, #physical-game, #social-game