173 Doggone It!

This game is designed primarily for puppies (though adult dogs and even small children may also enjoy it!), and uses multiple pieces of technology simultaneously to entertain, distract, exercise, and educate your dog.

The game is available on consoles, computers, mobile phones, and web browsers. Create an account, sync all of your available devices, attach a small bluetooth locator to the dog’s collar, and the fun begins! The system uses all of your devices in different parts of your house to play with, distract, and direct the dog’s attention in different ways. The game has optional accessories like vibrate-enabled dog toys, noise makers, and lights, although none of them are required for use. As the system detects where the dog is, it uses the closest device to entertain it, and later uses distant devices to distract and engage it, while also encouraging exercise.

The system may also be programmed for training. Certain areas of the house are “No Zones,” and when the dog’s locator gets near them, other distant devices are used to distract and encourage the dog to stay away. Even more advanced accessories can be purchased (or made! with a raspberry pi) that can dispense treats for good behavior or interact with the dog in other ways. In general, the system is meant to help (but not babysit!) entertain your dog while you are away from the house.

June 22, 2015

#animal-game, #experimental-game