177 RPTG (Role-Playing Twitter Game)

Use tweets to collaborate with friends on a text-based role playing.

Join a 4-person clan, then explore and adventure with each other through @mentions, #hashtags, and replies. Roll your character using a custom web tool, and generate your stat hashtags. Example below of potential format (just using the D&D core stats, but it could be different/simpler):

“@clan #LevelNameHP” “#strength_dexterity_constitution_intelligence_wisdom_charisma” “#abilityorspell1 #abilityorspell2” “(optional) #_ item1 #_ item2 # _ _item3 etc”

@Rivendell #3Frodo89 #s4_d3_c9_i6_w1_c4 #sneak #forcemissile

Your stat hashtags are required in every post made in the game, as your remaining free characters used per tweet are your “Action Points” in a sense. In the example above, 80 characters remain to be used for acting your turn. clan names and character names must be 4 letters or more, so the maximum AP any character could have is 108 (this would be a weak character, indeed!). You may carry items and have better abilities, at the cost of your Action Points (each additional item you carry must be preceded by a compounding number of underscores). Everything you do to improve or modify your character will affect its available Action Points to act in the scenario.

(More thoughts on this to come!)

June 26, 2015

#experimental-game, #role-playing-game, #social-game