191 Quit Being So Rude To NPCs

Why are we so rude to NPCs?

There should be consequences for being rude to AI characters in games. We’ve created systems that punish us for killing people and reward us for not killing people (even though these behaviours are obvious…). But what about the characters we nearly run over accidentally in GTA, or the townsfolk I’m constantly shoving aside in Assassin’s Creed, or the scripted conversations in Bioshock Infinite that I’m obviously standing awkwardly too close to for not being an active participant of.

Actions in games that should trigger repercussions, but usually don’t:

  • Standing too close to a stranger
  • Almost accidentally killing someone
  • Driving on the sidewalks
  • Interrupting somebody else’s conversation
  • Barging into a stranger’s house
  • Barging into anyone else’s house, really
  • Pointing a loaded gun at somebody
  • Having a gun out at all
  • Sprinting around in places that people don’t usually sprint around
  • Driving 125 mph
  • A dead body

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July 10, 2015