194 Flexible Abilities In Action RPGs

If magic really did exist, and people really could summon force missiles from their fingertips, I’d imagine we’d have more control over our mystical powers than merely “Press B to shoot.”

In action RPG games, like Diablo or Dragon Age, character abilities could be more flexible. Every ability could be manipulated in a way to alter it for the situation. For example, area-of-effect abilities should be able to be altered in size on the fly, with a direct trade off in strength. If you summon a wide AOE ability, then its overall effectiveness is reduced at the cost of hitting a larger area. If you summon a small but focused AOE ability, then it’s strength is increased at the cost of reach.

All modern gaming controllers could facilitate this easily by using the back “trigger” buttons that have a range of input, similar to a gas pedal on a car. Hold a trigger down lightly and the AOE will be large but weak. As the trigger is pulled more, the AOE becomes more concentrated and stronger.

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July 13, 2015