195 Nice Puzzles, MouseCraft

MouseCraft is an amazing puzzle game.

The game at first glance looks similar to many of the bird-flinging, rope-cutting, get-three-stars game genre. In many ways MouseCraft is no different; you have three mice, you send them along a path, and they can pick up between 1 and 3 crystals laid out across the map. The crystals are completely optional, and the only real goal is to get at least one of your three mice to the cheese at the end of the level by placing various flavors of bricks for them to clamber over.

The fact that I’m half way through the game and have spent the time and effort to get the crystals and deliver all three mice on every level is a huge testament to the puzzle design in this game. The rules are simple, but as the game moves on, it throws different types of bricks at you and forces you to think differently about how to control the flow of your three mice.

I can’t stress enough how simple yet intelligent the puzzles are in MouseCraft. It’s proof that sometimes a great game is born out of pure mechanics and design. We can only hope and wait for the developers to announce the hotly anticipated sequel, MooseCraft.

MouseCraft Image

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July 14, 2015