196 Alphabear, You're Great

Spry Fox kills it once again with their recently released Alphabear mobile word game.

This game does almost everything right. It teaches you how to play quickly and simply, but also lets you explore the game yourself and figure things out on your own. It doesn’t hold your hand, but it doesn’t abandon you either. It’s like dad running behind you while you learn to ride your first bike, telling you that he’s got a hold of you when really you’re doing it all on your own. The game makes you think and strategize both about what words you’re creating, when you create them, and which tiles you use to do so.

In honor of the greatness of this game, I’ve mocked up a quick look at what a slightly more interactive progression system might look like for your bears. I may dive in to doing a few more of these, although it’s challenging without the fonts or some of the original assets.

Alphabear Image

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July 15, 2015