197 A Conversation With Serah

A VR personality test game.

Step into a VR world to have a casual discussion with a personable and inquisitive digital host named Serah. She will ask you questions and create general conversation with you, gathering data as you speak your responses out loud to her. It’s not a direct one-question, one-answer situation though. Serah will monitor your conversational ability, your intonation, speaking style and speed, your conversational awkwardness, silences, and inflection. This will be through methods like word and audio games, conversation, direct questions, opinions, and brain storming.

The conversation analysis isn’t meant to tell you how to be better at something, or to point out flaws in your personality. It’s designed to promote a healthy gaze inward at ourselves as a social and cultural participant in modern society.

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July 16, 2015

#brain-game, #experimental-game, #VR-game