201 The Hollow Mast

Join a 10-month British transatlantic Brigantine expedition during the early 1800’s, scouting enemy ships, transporting crucial cargo, and contributing to a ship crew of over a hundred members.

This adventure RPG takes place entirely on the decks of a Brigantine ship. The game is open-ended in many ways; the player can choose to play the entire story as a low-ranking ship hand, or climb the ranks and eventually be First Mate to the Captain. Over 100 NPCs are on board with you, all individual and unique, with stories to tell and adventures to partake with. The player must help in every way the ship needs them, whether it’s manning a cannon during battle with another ship, completing dangerous but necessary ship maintenance during rough seas, or crafting relationships with other crew members. The ship’s story will take them across the sea to various locations, docking occasionally at key ports, and carving out adventure across the vast deep blue.

(Thanks Kevin! Also… http://www.thepirateking.com/ships/ship_types.htm)

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July 20, 2015

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