204 Sweeper

A card game about “sweeping” the table clean, while balancing the negatives of drawing certain cards and the thrill of the luck-of-the-draw.

(The ideas here are related to the earlier post #185 and vaguely post #047, and are a part of an iPad game I’m currently developing, called Underground.)

This game uses a custom set of non-standard cards. To begin a round, roll a standard 6-side dice to determine how many cards to draw. {think of a better way to determine total cards} Place the cards in a row face up. Based on the drawn cards, choose a Summon from your library to use for the round.

A card’s alignment will either be black, white, or split (Grey). A card may also contain something rare, like bonus Knowledge, or Summon Fragments that can be collected to build exotic Summons.

By default, you can only draw one card from the table before the hand resets. However, many cards will contain “1 more,” “2 more,” and so on, to give you additional draws. These cards often have a disadvantage, though, such as “Blind Draw” or “Summon Roulette.” If a player can manage to clear the board of all cards, they’re given a desirable bonus.

(Working more on the flow and specifics of this game. Based loosely on the Persona 4: Golden mini-game below.)


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July 23, 2015

#card-game, #underground