206 Royals Chess

A variation of Chess using facedown playing cards as a game board.

This remix on Chess uses a modified deck of playing cards. These are square cards to better emulate the look and feel of a standard Chess board. The deck also contains a 5th suit in it, called the Royals suit. It’s deep blue in color, and works slightly differently than the other 4 suits, although in tandem. The Royals suit has 13 cards as well, bringing the deck count up to 65 cards, enough to create a standard 64-tile Chess board.

The cards would be used to tweak the gameplay. For example, if a piece leaves a spot, the card it was standing on gets flipped over, or flipped back if were already turned. Flipped over cards might be collected by each player, they might act as walls that the pieces need to navigate around, or used to enhance to movement or abilities of different pieces.

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July 25, 2015