208 What's In A Level Up? (Part 1)

As I play an unhealthy amount of Persona 4: Golden (actually BRB, I’m gonna go play for a minute)…

It’s gotten me thinking more about the way games encourage, facilitate, and reward you for gaining “experience.” Leveling Up, as it’s come to be called, is something that has slowly spread across nearly every genre and sub-genre of gaming.

Below are a few UI mocks I made to express some thoughts I have on it. Their context is my ongoing iPad game project, Underground, and some of its relevant past posts include #207, #204, and #185. I’ll write a follow up post in the future with more detail.


(1) A basic level bar, that includes mini “sub-levels” that can be achieved on the path to a greater goal.


(2) The beginnings of an idea on how to spend “nodes” gained over time on your character, any time.


(3) An attempt to show a main experience bar as well as current levels for 4 other categories.


(4) More simplified incremental reward bars. Round things are cool.


(5) Started playing with a more abstract way to show a few interlocking categories that make up a whole system.

[ Today I Was Playing: Persona 4: Golden ]

July 27, 2015

#interface-game-design, #underground