210 Thumb Games

A collection of minimal touch-screen games played by using only your thumb.

The collection would include:

  • A online competitive Thumb Wars simulator
  • A dynamic music generator and koi pond simulation hybrid; drag your thumb to make music and splash water
  • Timber; a fake-but-real-but-fake Tinder clone for hipster lumberjacks
  • Thumb-a-Mole
  • One Thumb Billiards; play an entire game of pool with just your thumb
  • MetroKnown; tap your thumb to a given Beats-Per-Minute and test your tempo guessing accuracy and time-keeping consistency
  • Logger; one-thumbed and lumberjack-themed Frogger clone, to keep you busy while you’re not using Timber

(Thanks Corey!)

[ Today I Was Playing: Massive Chalice and Persona 4: Golden ]

July 29, 2015

#experimental-game, #touch-controlled-game